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Burning Question of the Day – Does your Brain do this Weird Thing too?

Had to laugh this week, when my brain did a weird thing after painting the kitchen walls at our Devon guest house, Retreats for You – and I need your thoughts on it too. I was listening to a particular TV programme whilst doing the kitchen window frame – and blow me, now if I look at the frame I can conjure up exactly what was going on at that moment, down to the actual topic of conversation between the two interviewees! Why does the brain do that? Does yours? If you’d like to hear a couple of other examples of mine, from when that’s happened in the past, just watch this Vlog I did where I discussed it, as I walked along the river Torridge last week during my six nights off, after I got back from France. By the way, just click that link – you don’t have to be on Facebook to access these vlogs (but if you are, ‘like’ the page to not miss any).

When I did that post, Karen T said – ‘My brain keeps remembering favourite clothing and accessories I used to have years ago in relation to places and other triggers. Odd ball! Even stuff I had when I was ten! Vivid memories of colours, fabrics- even an Old England purple wrist watch with HUGE Roman numerals my sister bought me from Carnaby Street in the 1960s. And a few jersey/crimplene mini skirts from Chelsea Girl- it goes on... weird!’

And Andy H said ‘This is so true, I was working on a drawing of an interior decades ago and the radio was serialising 'The Good Soldier Sveg' by Jaroslav Hasek, it's as though one activity cements the other in the brain.’

Whereas Laura D said a brilliant one – ‘My weirdest one is when I turn on the shower - I think of having lunch in a certain restaurant with one of my friends! I think of what we ate, what we spoke about - even about a window cleaner who was cleaning the windows of the restaurant. Heaven knows what the connection is to the shower!!! Just weird! I often wondered if it was just me I'm very relieved to hear it happens to you too Debbie!’


The kitchen is now done. The kitchen…





It fills me with glee to say that. And I can’t wait to see Wendy’s reaction when she walks in and sees the whole thing newly painted and gleaming too! More on this week’s QVC blog here (out Fri pm) also including Early Bird links to both Liz Earle AND OPI tsv deals launching soon.

Fancy a Stay in Devon? Would you like to come down? I’ve got a new date for QVC viewers,  if you are one, and fancy a fab full board stay – you can inspect the new kitchen and decide if Daisy and Gracie have indeed got trimmer! More info here, or just email me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . It’s 26th June and can include yoga/walking and wholesome food – and wine! £90 pppn if you book soon – do come?

Other news -

Book of the week is the Jack Reacher short story, Not a Drill, click here for more info – including about a freebie  – two in fact, not just his free audible interview including his opinion about Tom Cruise playing 6’4” Jack Reacher on the big screen, but also my new short story, a freebie available on my website from MONDAY LATE (apologies for delay).

And still time to decide on which songs I should sing in September, at the event happening in Devon – can you come? It’s in Torrington at the Plough, and will feature classics like ‘What a difference a Day Makes’ and ‘That Ole Devil Love’ – more here if you’d like to choose from the list of songs – which is your favourite?

Have a fun week!

Best wishes



Ps Mid Life Crunch Regulars will know of my own personal issues years ago with depression, so it was interesting to read Carol Vorderman’s articles this week. Another subject it’s vital to talk about – especially since last week was Mental Health Awareness Week. If it’s someone else’s emotional battering getting you down, though, it’s worth reading this blog – click here – it’s now had nearly 4500 views and am very glad it’s helping so many people when they find out they’re not alone.


Ps check out the new pic of all my paperbacks together! More about how to get your copy is here.


Ps my new Till the Fat Lady Slims book is now out on Amazon here, and there’s such an amazing support system on Facebook on theTTFLS group here - do come join us!

New QVC - featuring sneaky peeks and pics of deals from the next seven days so do go look! NB any Early Bird order links will appear first on my blog page here - do go look on a regular basis!

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Hello all!

Just a quickie - to say that the Monday Updates are becoming very popular on my website now, on the Back to You page. Don't forget to go read all about some of the brilliant health research that's happening at the mo - and the Monday Essay is all about 'one of the most amazing medicinal foods/drinks available' - miso soup! Why? Well, I must admit I wondered that originally when I first discovered it. But just google it and you'll be surprised - really good for those mid afternoon munchies moments, I find. Several people have asked where you get it and my answer is... Tescos! hehe! Actually you can get it in paste form in good health food stores too, but I just get the little grey and red box with the miso paste sachets for a cup-a-soup type drink. 

Plus - some funnies on the latest QVC blog - (go to qvc blog tab on website) - including Alison Young our beauty presenter who made a rather unfortunate boo boo when she was talking about the 'Pick of the Day'... do go watch! Plus there are sneaky peeks as usual of upcoming bargains. And a way of 'travoltifying' your name, after John Travolta's recent Oscars ceremony slip of the tongue. V funny!

RiWiSi, all about the books, has some interesting info if you're writing your own book. And don't forget the useful resource of the archives if you want to find out more about back issues, including tons of beginners info about self-publishing!

This week I've also added a little 'Work in Progress' page - to keep me going and gee me along! 

In fact, the news about my writing is that the short story called 'When Dreams Return,' begun last October and being finished for a freebie giveaway on eBook for Mothers' Day, is at 'cover design' stage - I may give you a little teaser next week!

If you haven't yet read Hawaiian Escape, BTW, remember the steamy complete version is now on amazon. Is anyone not on amazon? Is there any other platform you use which you wish more books could be published on? Do let me know - if you don't ask, you don't get, eh!

Anyway, with the sunshine winning the battle with the clouds, down south at least, it's lovely to know Spring' just around the corner... We hope!

Have a great week, and don't forget to leave me a comment or two!

I'm off for a little break at a spa with Craigy my QVC BFF, or OOMBFF to be precise in case Jilly's reading this! hehe!

Best wishes



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